Joslin Elementary

Principal's Message

Photo of Chaolin Chang Principal of JoslinHi, my name is ChaoLin Chang. (ChaoLin may sound like Charlie to some people.)

I am the Principal at Jerry Joslin Elementary School. Although I was born and raised in Taiwan, I have lived in Texas for almost half of my life.

Except for the time when I was a principal at a Mandarin immersion school in Houston ISD for six years, I have lived in Austin ever since I started my graduate program in Special Education at the University of Texas in Austin. My plan was to provide better opportunities for the students in Taiwan after I graduated; however, I fell in love with the students in Austin ISD during my internship so I decided to stay.

I enjoy participating in the “Tough Mudder,” which is an event that involves a series of obstacles (such as fire, water, ice, electric shock, and lots of mud)! It is rewarding because it tests my endurance and encourages teamwork! I like it so much that I have finished 11 different courses. I gradually stopped participating in the events shortly after I became a principal.

Besides countless obstacles in a school setting, it is rewarding to work side-by-side with other dedicated educators and to see students making progress every day. I am excited about returning to Austin ISD and looking forward to bringing our students the opportunity to learn and experience what others don’t at their schools.

 Leyla Olano

Hello, my name is Leyla Olano. I am the Assistant Principal at Jerry Joslin Elementary School. I was born and raised in  Houston, Texas. I moved to Austin to attend The University of Texas at  Austin. I received my undergraduate and graduate degree from this  wonderful institution. 

I started my educational journey as a secondary educator. I was a Spanish/ESL teacher, leadership teacher, and AVID coordinator. This  experience was extremely rewarding and provided me with a lot of insight. I  love my current role and I adore working with our younger students. They  are full of joy and curiosity and they are the reason I come to work every  day. I am beyond excited for this school year. I can’t wait to reunite with  everyone and meet new faces. I am beyond excited for this school year. I  look forward to our time together! También hablo español. Si necesitan ayuda con algo, pueden llamarme o enviarme un correo  electrónico. Espero verlos muy pronto.