Our School

A small school in South Austin where students can learn 3 languages in a day! 

Jerry Joslin

Jerry JoslinJoslin is named after Sergeant Jerry Joslin, an officer for 11 years in the traffic division of the Austin Police Department. Sergeant Jerry Joslin worked closely with school officials and students to organize and direct safety patrols. He was a favorite friend of school children all over the city and was skilled at working with youth. Sergeant Joslin was killed in an automobile accident in March of 1953. His portrait hangs in our main office. Jerry Joslin Elementary was built in three stages from 1954-1956.

Our Mission

At Jerry Joslin, we believe that everyone can learn. The intrinsic motivation and positive attitudes occur when students engage in connected and meaningful learning experiences. We work together with our community to ensure an equitable and safe learning environment where everyone will demonstrate personal growth and achieve academic success through a balanced educational program that incorporates best practices in instruction.

Our Vision

All students will actualize their potential academically, develop appropriate sociocultural competence, and be on track to become bilingual (or trilingual) through our multilingual morning assembly or 2-way Dual Language (DL) pathways in Spanish and/or Mandarin.

Our Values

Respect Respeto 敬爱 [jìng ài]
Perserverance Perseverancia 毅力 [yi lì]
Integrity Integridad 正直 [zhèng zhí]
Curiosity Curiosidad 好奇 [hào qí]
Courage Valentía 勇气 [yŏng qì]
Responsibility Responsabilidad 责任 [zé rèn]


Music in the video is from James Cowper