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Joslin is the only school in Texas that provides its students the opportunity to learn in English, Spanish and Mandarin at the same time. Incoming families choose among 4 different language pathways to best support your child’s academic and emotional development. While achieving grade level competencies in program languages, your child will develop broader world view and critical consciousness.

Pathway 1: English 

Pathway 2: Mandarin 2-way dual language

Pathway 3: Spanish 2-way dual language

Pathway 4: Spanish and Mandarin 2-way dual language

Programas ES

Pathways EN



Participation in Prime Time during School Year 2022-2023 has been announced!

See our SlideShow HERE containing infomation about classes and registration information.

There is also a Flyer available for download.


REGISTRATION LINK will go HERE on October. 5th @ 4:00p.m.


Please continue to visit this site for updates, Emails will also be sent when further information is received. 


Prime Time courses are FREE after-school extracurriculars for a portion of students. Spots are first come first serve with an online registration system.


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